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Kettlebell Deadlift – Walk Before You Run


Kettlebell deadlifts might be new to many, or it might be familiar to some. Heck! Kettlebells in general might altogether be foreign to you! However, there is no denying that ... Read More »

Deadlift Tip #7 – Explode & Complete


The initial pull on the deadlift is another critical component. Not only is the stance important, the way you pull & how you pull will make a significant impact on ... Read More »

Tip # 6 – The Initial Pull


Ok, so we have 6 tips so far. Hopefully one of these tips actually served some help. Good news is, we are not done yet. Recapping, we covered mindset, stance, ... Read More »

Deadlifting Week Of Tips – #5 – Grip


Grip is probably a given, but you would be surprised how many neglect their deadlift grip. Strong grip equals more weight and more power. A strong grip is essential for ... Read More »

Deadlifting Tip #4 – Employ Static Stretching


Stretching is not just for pilates or Yoga anymore. It can also aid in some weight training benefits. Static stretching requires an immense amount of force production. There are however ... Read More »

Deadlifting Tips – Day 3 – Butt Position


This may sound as a shock, but your butt is killing you! Let me clarify, your butt is killing your deadlifts. having your butt involved may not cross your mind, ... Read More »

Deadlifting Tip Week – Day 2 – Stance


Have you been neglecting your stance? Do you realize how much of a role stance plays on your deadlift? Stance is critical and is very important whether you are performing ... Read More »

A Week Full Of Deadlifting Tips – Tip #1 – Mindset

Mind Profile Showing Thoughts Ideas And Brainstorming

This whole week, we will be featuring the much needed techniques that the world’s best deadlifters use to get their frame of mind right, their strength up & best of ... Read More »

Crossfit & The Deadlift, A Match Made In Heaven!


What Is CrossFit To Begin With? CrossFit was a training philosophy started in 2000 and has grown immensely. The philosophy incorporates many training methods from strongman to gymnastics, to plyometrics ... Read More »

Game of Thrones “The Mountain” Deadlifts 994 Pounds

game of thrones deadlift

Want to see the strongest man in hollywood? Game of Thrones The Mountain Here he is HafThor Bjornsson. Produced By Josh Bobrowsky with Frank Swick Read More »

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