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What Are The Best Deadlift Socks To Buy For Shin Protection?

Usually the best deadlift socks are the ones that are comfortable, last long & do what they are intended for…shin protection. Many socks come on top based off users reviews tends to be Moxy socks & some good ole’ tube socks or soccer socks.

There are two options you can go with:

  • Moxy socks
  • Soccer socks or knee-high socks

Moxy socks are unique with style, reviews & quality. No doubt, there is a strong following behind them. To be frank, Moxy socks are a great overall product for the money which typically range from $12-19.

Moxy socks come in some serious stylish designs to deadlift like a boss.

Does Deadlift Socks Really Work…No Really…Do They?

Some do and for others they do not. Many trainers find them useful for protection against bruising, scraping and for keeping form tight. Certain trainers find them uncomfortable and to be a waste of money. Whatever the case may be, deadlift socks certainly help to get out a couple of extra reps without the stress to the shins.

Are Deadlift Socks Worth The Money?

It entirely depends which ones you go with. Moxy socks are great for the price, but don’t take it from me, check out the many positive reviews they receive.

They last long, cost is reasonable & most importantly, they are comfortable. Soccer socks are another alternative.

Only downside on them is that they do not offer the extra support on the shins like Moxy socks do. Moxy socks have added padding on the shin area for even more protection on a brutal deadlift day.

Between Moxy socks or knee high soccer socks, it is entirely up to you on how you want to approach it and make the decision. What better way to do that then to weigh the pros & cons.





Where Can I Buy Deadlift Socks On Sale?

Knee high socks can be purchased literally everywhere. Moxy socks however, are found in select places such as certain fitness retailers, Amazon, eBay & their own site of course.

Best place we find to get them at would be either bodybuilding.com or Amazon.

Bodybuilding.com for their inhuman shipping times & endless amount of samples they throw in for kicks is one of the best places to grab them at.

Amazon is also no slouch on shipping, but they do not throw in free samples which is not a big deal breaker.

Either option you choose, they are essential the same price, but one gives you samples that feels almost like Christmas when you open the box.