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Liquid Grip – Lifting Chalk Without The Mess


Liquid Grip is a revolutionary liquid grip enhancer that creates an amazing grip far more superior than regular chalk.

Once applied you will feel it work immediately binding to your hands giving you the grip you need for any application. Leaving no messy residue, or harmful dust!

A small application is enough to last through the toughest, sweatiest, training session. Feel Liquid Grip activate as your hands become sweaty creating an invisible grip like no other. Unlike regular chalk, Liquid Grip binds to your hands giving you a long lasting grip for any application with no messy residue or harmful dust.

Liquid Grip Review

– No mess (if totally dry). Liquid Grip makes absolutely no mess at all on the floor for burpees or push-ups. Not one visible speck of chalk left behind. I think this is the best feature of this product.
– Product performance is similar to chalk.

– Mess, if not completely dry.
– Cost. On a per-use basis, chalk is a lot cheaper.
– Time. You have to wait for it to dry on your hands.

Once I applied a layer that was too thick. I waited seven minutes for it to dry, and there was still a small area at the base of my fingers that was still doughy. I didn’t want to wait forever, so I started my workout. This gunk dried on the barbell and was kind of a pain to clean off later:


I have found that a couple of thin layers are ideal. I like to add another layer after what the first photo looks like. If the layers are thin they dry in 30-60 seconds. So I do one layer, let it dry, then a second layer, and let it dry. Typically I’m also doing air squats or a Samson stretch (the hands-free part of my warm-up) while it’s drying.